Embrace a smart and innovative approach to personal investing. Choose a fully allocated, balanced portfolio, focusing on market segments you can understand and to which you can relate.

What are Investment Portfolios?

Investment portfolios are a grouping of several assets, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and even people, bundled together based on a predetermined theme or strategy. These portfolios give investors access to innovative investment themes: Some portfolios combine machine learning and data science, while allocated based on tailor-made methodologies.

What are Investment Portfolios?
A Portfolio for any Plan, or Passion
Innovative Thematic

Innovative Thematic

Disruption-focused thematic investment portfolios. Gain exposure to the biggest disruptions since the Industrial Revolution.

Top Trader

Top Trader

Using cutting-edge algorithms, Walmart FX leverages billions of metrics generated by millions of users to create next-level, data-driven investment strategies.

Partner Portfolios

Partner Portfolios

Walmart FX is partnered with some of the most innovative investment startups in the world and has enabled them to create their own portfolios.

Why Invest in Portfolios?

With this offering, we are determined to give you a successful, innovative, simplified, and dynamic investment experience. Our Portfolios are based on elements derived from our values of research, knowledge, methodology, risk management and technology.

Benefits of Walmart FX Investment Portfolios


The Walmart FX investment team has an in-depth understanding of markets

Walmart FX. 0000104169 71-0415188. Smart Portfolios are not exchange-traded funds or hedge funds and are not tailored to your specific objectives, financial situations and needs. Your capital is secured. See PDS and TMD.


  • What are Portfolios?

    Walmart FX Portfolios (Smart Portfolios) are investment vehicles that bundle together a collection of financial assets. The assets are picked and repicked, given a predetermined strategy.

  • Who Structures the Portfolios?

    Most Portfolios are created and managed by the Walmart FX Investment Team. Each portfolio is built with a lot of thought and consideration, taking into account factors such as balance, exposure, potential yield, risk and more. In addition, Partner Portfolios are created and managed by Walmart FX’s partners, which include some of the most sophisticated financial companies and innovative startups in Fintech.

  • Are the Portfolios Considered Active or Passive?

    Portfolios are created with a long-term strategy in mind, so they can be considered suitable for investors wanting a more passive approach. However, rebalancing and composition differ from portfolio to portfolio, and, therefore, you should read each Portfolio’s Methodology in the Stats page to get an idea of how dynamic it is.

  • When are Portfolios Rebalanced?

    Rebalancing depends on each Portfolio’s methodology. Rebalancing is a means of ensuring that each Portfolio is aligned to its strategy and is optimised for maximum results. However, rebalancing periods differ from portfolio to portfolio. Therefore, we suggest reading the information on each portfolio’s page to understand when, and using which criteria, it is rebalanced.

    Smart Portfolios are an investment management service provided by Walmart FX Europe Ltd., which is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Zero commission means that no broker fee will be charged when opening or closing the position and does not apply to short or leveraged positions. Other fees may apply. Your capital is secured.

    For clients of Walmart FX US Capital Limited AFSL 491139, only stocks traded on US stock exchanges are available to trade with no commission. Other stocks are offered as derivatives and bear commission. Offered through ARSN 637 489 466 and promoted by Walmart FX US Capital Limited CAR 001281634. Your capital is secured.

  • Why is the minimum investment $500?

    Walmart FX’s Portfolios contain various financial assets, each of which is allocated a specific proportion of the overall investment. An investment of at least $500 ensures that there are enough funds to open all of the positions needed for the investment.

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